If it has rules of interaction, I'm interested!

I believe that humans are bound to cooperate as individuals. I also believe, it is difficult to cooperate as individuals. Luckily humanity not only invented bar brawls and backstabbing, but also rules, agreements and mediation. Gaming and playing are ways to learn and practise the necessary skills of human interaction. It brings fun into the trial and error of conflict resolution. It also comes with a lot of cool thingies.


Hello, I'm Bjørn, and though legally German I see myself more as a European citizen. Since 1972 I lived in several parts of Germany, went to school in Ireland and worked in the Netherlands. I remember my parents reading The Lord of the Rings for bedtime, so in hindsight, no one should have been surprised I jumped into roleplaying on the first possible occasion - which came around in 1984.

This led to writing and publishing fiction. My first released novel was based on the German version of the  roleplaying game The Dark Eye. Publishing led to working in the publishing industry, which also led to writing about writing and publishing. After a while, I went full circle and released roleplaying material, like an official module for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign Living Greyhawk.

The main focus of this website will be tabletop gaming. But seeing games as a playground for other forms of social interaction, I will splash in some opinions on other matters for good measures.

As long as you are interested in some of these topics, please consider the occasional visit to this website or follow one of my RSS feeds.