Starting my Flesh-eater Courts

When I started painting miniatures, I intended to get only those that would support my roleplaying games. I wanted some figures that weren't too specific. Something I could use on several occasions. Running a long-term fantasy campaign about a dark wizard, acquiring miniatures that could substitute demons and undead alike seemed a good idea. Remembering the odd behaviour of Reaper Bones material, I wanted to try a different brand. Also, friends were warming me up to Age of Sigmar. That's why I finally bought a starter set from Games Workshop and picked the Crypt Ghouls first.

I don't enjoy the greenish White Games Workshop uses as official look for Flesh-Eater Courts. I googled images of corpses - don't try this at home - and none looked anything close. Finally, I decided to use a base of Rakarth Flesh, which I unevenly covered with a watered-down version of Pallid Wych Flesh and finished with Agrax Earthshade.

IMG 20181108 091002020IMG 20181108 091129333

As you can see, the eyes could be done much better. I wanted a blue glow and didn't really care for a focal point, but you can see I had difficulties with them.

Another thing I would do differently today is the base. Back then I hadn't yet rooted for an icy winter theme and the tufts of grass should have been varied. But, it's all fine. It is a learning curve.