Skeleton Warriors really putting their backs into it

This unit of Skeleton Warriors had a bit of a mishap during construction. I struggled with connecting the spine with the hip bone. They lean forward as if marching in a blizzard. The opposing wind must be awful.

Another round of skeletons. Not too much to tell about them. Because of their stance, they tended to tip over onto their faces. I thought of glueing coins beneath their bases, but around the same time I got the delivery of the Army Case's Kickstarter and magnetized them instead.

IMG 20181108 105423408

Still, the standard bearer needed more counterweight provided by a metal gravestone. Usually, I avoid Christian symbols in fantasy, but I made an exception for this one. It could as well be a military marking.

IMG 20181108 105708032IMG 20181108 105833125

IMG 20181108 105935460IMG 20181108 110048984