Creating the cracked Surface of a frozen Lake

After finally deciding to go with variations of a winter theme for my miniatures of the undead, I wanted to give ice a try.

I started with a base layer of white followed by a light blue layer (Lothern Blue), which I coated with a gloss varnish.

Then I put on quite a bit of Martian Ironearth, which crackled on drying.

That red coat needed to be painted light blue again.

A bit of dry brushing with a blueish light grey (Fenrisian Grey) and of course white, followed by another gloss varnish.

Next, I put the rocks on top with a texture (Astrogranite Debris) and gave them some depth with a night blue shade (Drakensang Nighthof) and dry brushed the rocks with the same grey as before and white.

Then I added some moss (Lustrian Undergrowth) but did not cover all the rocks.

IMG 20180516 154010946

Finally some glue onto the ice near the edge of the rocks, a bit on top of the rocks and just some daps onto the deepest cracks. Instead of sprinkling baking soda from above I put the base and the baking soda in a box and shook it.

I tried to blow away the excess with a hairdryer which wasn't strong enough so I simply used a brush.