A somewhat converted Mourngul

I bought this one at Warhammer World in Nottingham in 2017. A friend recommended it because of its value on the battlefield, but I really like the looks of the model, no matter how it performs. I must confirm, it rocks. My friend probably never recommends anything like it again. And with much more ghosts available by now, it is much easier to combine in an army.

Originally, its hand sat on top of a fallen horse struggling to get up. The prominent Gatling gun strapped to the saddle is probably a reference that eludes me. Which is why I removed horse and gun to unmount the Mourngul. As the lower hand is not flat, I had to come up with something it would grab and some sort of pile of bones and blood in the centre of a ritualistic circle seemed fitting to this monstrosity.
I had some troubles keeping this hand attached to the arm until I put a metal pin in it. I should have been more thorough to file off the excesses of Green Stuff. They became much more visible with colour. Again I went with blue. This time it was Lothern Blue thinned down with Lahmian Medium for skin and thinned down Kantor Blue for the hair. The snow is Valhallan Blizzard.

IMG 20181115 111138318IMG 20181115 111227286

IMG 20181115 111856264