The Terrorgheist of Winter Solstice

I worked on the Terrorgheist over a very long period. I was abroad during the week for two years and this is not the kind of model that is easy to travel with. I continued painting only sporadically and concentrated on other miniature in between. The Terrorgheist has great dynamics and it immediately strikes as a great bat, which is a fun alternative to the good old dragons.

When I started to build the base, I had Gaelic nature in mind. Green grass, moss and rocks ... I really need to get to Scotland again, as long as I do not have to apply for a visa. Anyway, during the years the Terrorgheist remained unfinished, my army of the dead relocated to colder areas. To fit the model into the winter theme, I added more dry grass and snow of course.

IMG 20181115 115335100IMG 20181115 115601022

I implemented a small metal plate into one of the rocks. As I magnetize the bases of my miniatures anyway for storage, this allows me to easily attach any model that might mount the Terrorgheist, like a Ghoul King or whatever else might be a valid choice for Age of Sigmar in the future or might be fitting in a roleplaying session.

IMG 20181115 115850391IMG 20181115 120511031