My first Self-painted Miniatures ever

In April 2016 I finished the first miniatures I ever painted. They came from the Reaper's Kickstarter campaign Bones 2 of 2013. A friend had upgraded his pledge to get them for me. The same friend that still gives me guidance on how to paint today.

I had two reasons to consider painting miniatures. I wanted to extend my collection for use in roleplaying games and I had this strong aversion for paints I wanted to overcome. It had been a necessary evil when redecorating, but getting my hands dirty was somewhat distressing. I was the kind of kid that went home to wash his hands when switching from playing in the sandbox to riding the bike.

Anyway, these Hill Giants looked cool on Kickstarter and I lacked more giants anyway. What roleplaying game does not include the occasional giant? That's a good reason, right?

IMG 20181030 095655665 IMG 20181030 095814105

The bones material has some pros and cons, though.
As a beginner, I didn't want to customize or spend to much time on putting these boys together. If I remember correctly, only the arms needed attaching.
On the other hand, the material needs an extremely thorough cleaning. Otherwise, the paint will not stick as well. It will contract, removing itself completely from parts of the surface. I still distrust the paint coat to stay where it should. As you can see in the photos, some small areas are white again. All the layers of paint just fell off there.

IMG 20181030 100101001 IMG 20181030 095943747