Starting my Flesh-eater Courts

When I started painting miniatures, I intended to get only those that would support my roleplaying games. I wanted some figures that weren't too specific. Something I could use on several occasions. Running a long-term fantasy campaign about a dark wizard, acquiring miniatures that could substitute demons and undead alike seemed a good idea. Remembering the odd behaviour of Reaper Bones material, I wanted to try a different brand. Also, friends were warming me up to Age of Sigmar. That's why I finally bought a starter set from Games Workshop and picked the Crypt Ghouls first.

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Without trust ... it's just scary

Trust is the basis of human relationships. Loss of trust ends partnerships and employment contracts. Gain of trust lets you make friends and win at court.

It is often implied all players in a roleplaying game would trust each other. But that's not only untrue at conventions. There are also slight differences between friends, even within the same group. Much worse are roleplaying games in a work environment or for educational purposes because they even lack the expectation of fun that would otherwise bind participants. That's when roleplaying becomes agony.

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